Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement?
A: Because of the time and costs involved in one-of-a-kind custom designed invitations, a minimum total order of 3600 AED should be placed.  If choosing a simple stationery design, additional items such as place cards, menus or table numbers, could be added to the order to reach the minimum order requirement.  For small orders, it is recommended to order from the ready-to-order Signature Collection, which can be customized to your wedding.  Minimum requirements are waived for pesonal celebration orders such as birthdays and showers.

Q: What are your prices?
A:  Prices for custom designed invitations can vary depending on the complexity and customization of the design.  You can view our general pricing guideline here

Q: Where are you located?
A:  Elizabeth Andrés Designs is a private studio in Dubai and does not have a retail showroom.   Most work and communication can be done online, with the exception of in-person consultations for custom clients (Dubai clients only and occassionally in Abu Dhabi and Doha) available at various locations throughout Dubai.

Q: When should I order my invitations?
A: Depending on the season and how busy we are, custom stationery invitations can require 6-12 weeks or more to complete, including the design process and production. To guarantee your business with us, it is recommended that you place your custom order 4-6 months before your wedding date 

If there are less than 10 weeks before your wedding date, consider ordering from one of our two ready-to-order collections, the Signature Collection for stationery invitations and the Couture Collection for luxury invitations. Any designs from either of our ready-to-order collections can be customized to your wedding and are available for rush order.

Signature Collection (ready-to-order) orders can be completed in 2-4 weeks.
Couture Collection (luxury ready-to-order) orders can be completed in 4-6 weeks.

Q: When should I mail invitations to my guests?
A: Your guests should receive their invitations approximately 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  Any later and guests will not have proper time to make travel arrangements.  Any earlier and they will forget or lose the invitation.   Consider sending out a Save-the-Date 6-9 months prior to the wedding with an invitation to follow 6-8 weeks before the event. 

Invitations for corporate events or personal celebrations can be sent out 2-3 weeks in advance, unless many of the guests will need to make travel arrangements and then 6-8 weeks prior would be appropriate.

Q: I do not live in Dubai. Can I still work with Elizabeth Andrés?
A: Yes!  I work with many international customers.  Thanks to technology, communication can be done very easily via the internet or telephone and your finished order can be shipped to you. 

Q: Do you design invitations for events other weddings?
A:  Of course!  I design invitations for many different types of events, including: corporate functions, birthdays, fashion shows, baptisms/communions, baby/bridal showers, birth announcements and celebrations of all kinds.  I also occassionally take on corporate branding clients, as well as personalized stationery, greeting cards, and holiday card projects.  For a full list of our services, click here.

Q: Do you design invitations in any language?
A: We design invitations in any language, though we may require you to provide the text that you want.  Most commonly, I can provide text in English, Arabic, Spanish, German or French. 

Q: Do you do Arabic calligraphy designs?
A: We have an exclusive partnership with one of Dubai's top Arabic calligraphy graphic design artists for special projects and custom logos in Arabic as part of a custom invitation order.

Q: What printing methods are available?
A: Your invitations can be printed in digital, offset, foil stamping, laser cut, die-cut, silk-screening, embossed, thermography, laser-engraved and letterpress methods.   Prices vary.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Send an email to info@elizabethandres.com with your event details.  We'll then contact you with more information and to get started.
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