06 February 2013

Inspiration Board | Rosemary + Lavender Wedding

If you're having an outdoor or garden wedding and would like are are tired of the typical "flower garden" look, why not create an herb garden atmosphere for your special day?  They will add an earthy and "green" element to your wedding and they will smell amazing too! 

We've seen lavender in weddings recently.  Rosemary, however, actual outdates all of us!  Rosemary is a sign of love and faithfulness and ions ago, brides used to carry rosemary bouquets instead of flowers. To keep it subtle and elegant, why not use both rosemary and lavender together and add any other herbs you might like (sage or basil perhaps?).  And to top it all off, send your guests home with an eco-friendly rosemary plant or a handmade lavernder-rosemary soap as a wedding favor.

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