13 February 2013

Business Identity | Gul Photography Branding Board

I'd like to introduce to you Gul Hassan of Gul Photography, a current branding client of mine.   I first met Gul this past autumn when he contacted me about working together to create a new look for his new photography business.  Gul has a firy passion for baby and wedding photography, so last spring he decided it was time to go off on his own.  Thus, Gul Photography was born.

At first glance Gul is big, strong, intimidating looking fellow, but within moments of meeting him I realized he was one of the warmest and friendliest people I've met here in Dubai!  He's a very caring individual as well.  Last month, my car broke down while I was driving and talking to him on the phone (on bluetooth!) and he volunteered to come pick me up, knowing my husband was on a business trip in Qatar and was all alone! Fortunately, I was on the way to the dealer and only three minutes away (lucky or unlucky?) from my destination and was able to get the dealer to come get me and my car. All is well that ends well I guess.

Ok, back to the subject at hand...

Gul focuses on baby, family, and wedding photography, so most of his clients are female, his business identity needed a warm and friendly appeal to it, just like him, but it also needed to represent his classic, masculine side as well.  He does do occassional commerical work as well, so it was important that his new business identity didn't scare those clients away either.

After weeks and months of going back and forth on color palettes, concepts, ideas, and multiple brand/logo concepts, he has finallly decided!  Without further ado, please find a sneak peak of Gul Photography's new business identity!  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on the creation of his stationery, marketing collateral, and shiny new website!


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