23 February 2013

Business Identity | Simply Sarah Photography

I'm in the middle of an urgent new business branding project.   Sarah of Simply Sarah Photography in Georgia, USA was inspired so much by one of my new wedding logos that she contacted me to custom design her business identity around it, but with a lot more pizazz! Keep your eyes on her as she is an up-and-coming photographer with a lot of talent and heart.  She is just lovely and we hit it off immediately! Based on our many conversations and emails, I presented a few different concepts to her.  Simple and classic were a must for her, though a love affair with the calligraphy logo trend added a nice contemporary touch to both of these looks.   Here is the final branding board I put together for her this past week.  Check back here as I continue to finalize her identity, stationery and marketing collateral in the near future!

18 February 2013

Wedding Branding | Wedding Logos

Are you on a tight budget and planning to tap in to your DIY (do it yourself) talents during your wedding planning process, but still want a upscale wedding look for your special day?  Is a custom logo or monogram a must for your wedding invitations, but you don't have the big budget that a professionally custom designed invitation suite requires? We're here to help with that too! We have recently added many personalized wedding logos to our Etsy shop.  Use these logos to make your stationery, paint your own aisle runner, printed napkins, gift packaging, or anything that might need your customized "mark."   Provided to you in a number of file formats (JPG, PNG, AI, PDF, and EPS) to make it as straightforward or as flexible as you might want.  Here are the first few in the shop:


16 February 2013

Wedding Branding | Kara + Tom Logo and Wedding Website

Having a custom wedding logo, monogram, or motif is something that many engaged couples look to do and is oftentimes something they can use in their coupledom long after the wedding is finished.  Monogramed bath towels, custom stationery......There's a lot of ideas.  A wedding logo is also an easy way to customize or "brand" your special day, similiar to the way a company creates a brand for itself to be identified.  Your wedding is about you as a couple and when your guests walk into the ceremony or reception site, they should be able to say "Oh wow! This is so Kara and Tom!"

Personlization is key, but another very important point in pulling off a wedding that looks good both to the naked eye and in your photos is cohesiveness.  This means that everything should coordinate and maintain the same look and feel as everything else.  It doesn't mean that everything has to match 100%, in other words you don't have to stick your logo on every single item in your wedding, but if you narrow down your wedding "brand" to a few colors, patterns, textures, fonts, and design elements, it makes your wedding planning process that much easier! 

Wedding branding doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and it doesn't necessarily mean spending big bucks on a wedding planner.  If you're on a budget and having trouble in finding your wedding style or making design decisions, here at Elizabeth Andrés Designs, we can help you get started! We offer a basic wedding branding solution.  After a short questionnaire, a little bit of homework on your part, and a small fee, we will design and propose two different wedding brands for you, including logo or monogram, colors, fonts, textures, additional coordinating design elements, and a small list of suggestions on what and how to brand your wedding on your own.

If you're happy with your new wedding brand, you can upgrade your basic wedding branding package to include save the date cards, a wedding website, wedding invitations, day-of event stationery and/or after-wedding personal stationery.  We offer a number of options to suit any budget.  

13 February 2013

Business Identity | Gul Photography Branding Board

I'd like to introduce to you Gul Hassan of Gul Photography, a current branding client of mine.   I first met Gul this past autumn when he contacted me about working together to create a new look for his new photography business.  Gul has a firy passion for baby and wedding photography, so last spring he decided it was time to go off on his own.  Thus, Gul Photography was born.

At first glance Gul is big, strong, intimidating looking fellow, but within moments of meeting him I realized he was one of the warmest and friendliest people I've met here in Dubai!  He's a very caring individual as well.  Last month, my car broke down while I was driving and talking to him on the phone (on bluetooth!) and he volunteered to come pick me up, knowing my husband was on a business trip in Qatar and was all alone! Fortunately, I was on the way to the dealer and only three minutes away (lucky or unlucky?) from my destination and was able to get the dealer to come get me and my car. All is well that ends well I guess.

Ok, back to the subject at hand...

Gul focuses on baby, family, and wedding photography, so most of his clients are female, his business identity needed a warm and friendly appeal to it, just like him, but it also needed to represent his classic, masculine side as well.  He does do occassional commerical work as well, so it was important that his new business identity didn't scare those clients away either.

After weeks and months of going back and forth on color palettes, concepts, ideas, and multiple brand/logo concepts, he has finallly decided!  Without further ado, please find a sneak peak of Gul Photography's new business identity!  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on the creation of his stationery, marketing collateral, and shiny new website!


06 February 2013

Inspiration Board | Rosemary + Lavender Wedding

If you're having an outdoor or garden wedding and would like are are tired of the typical "flower garden" look, why not create an herb garden atmosphere for your special day?  They will add an earthy and "green" element to your wedding and they will smell amazing too! 

We've seen lavender in weddings recently.  Rosemary, however, actual outdates all of us!  Rosemary is a sign of love and faithfulness and ions ago, brides used to carry rosemary bouquets instead of flowers. To keep it subtle and elegant, why not use both rosemary and lavender together and add any other herbs you might like (sage or basil perhaps?).  And to top it all off, send your guests home with an eco-friendly rosemary plant or a handmade lavernder-rosemary soap as a wedding favor.

04 February 2013

Outfit of the Week | Mint Skinny Jeans + White Tee

This is my kind of outfit!  I finally jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon this past weekend and am now fully stocked with peach, cobalt blue, and mint.  These easy "outfit" infographics are great in helping me learn how to coordinate them with some closet basics for a variety of looks that can take me from coffee with the girls to a midday business meeting to a happy hour thirst quencher!

Outfit of the week - Mint jeans

AllSaints cap sleeve top / Elizabeth and James ruched sleeve blazer / J Brand denim skinny jeans / Bruuns Bazaar leather shoes / FOSSIL vintage leather handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs water resistant watch / AX Paris collar jewelry / Oliver Peoples sunglasses / Matte finish nail polish

03 February 2013

Font LOVE | Aurora Script

Another favorite font of mine is Aurora Script.  It is ideal for formal, elegant wedding invitations and has just the right amount of swirls and curls to make it beautiful, but it's still legible.  Did I mention it's a free font? 

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