28 January 2013

Inspiration Board | Black, Ivory + Polkadot Wedding

For this week's mood board, I stayed on the neutrals road I turned down last week.  I have always been a huge fan of classic black and white, and not just for weddings.  Home interior, fashion, business, design.....I love the contrast, the elegance, and I love how it can be a great base to add on to, whether it's a colorful accessory or a cool pattern.   If you're considering the classic "black tie" black and white wedding look, try adding another subtle element to it, just to make it interesting and memorable.  In this mood board, I've taken black and ivory/beige, to soften things a bit, and partnered it with polkadots.  Polkadots are going to big in 2013 and I'm sure many of you already own polkadot blouses or other items.  Be careful in going overboard though.  Not everything has to have polkadots on it!  I've seen wedding cakes that have black fondant polkadots covering it and a polkadot ribbon wrapped around the base, a polkadot cake topper, and polkadot tablecloths.  This is too much and will seriously decrease the elegance factor! A few things here or there will do the trick. A polkadot bow tie for the groom, or a polkadot pattern on the backside of a simple invitation and a polkadot dinner napkin or ribbon tied somewhere is more than enough.  Even something as simple as the white and black poppy flowers you see here will give the impression of polkadots, but without being quite so obvious.  Happy planning!

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