05 November 2012

Top Tips | White Wedding | Inspiration Board

Have you been dreaming of an all-white wedding?  Many brides opt to play it safe with an all-white or mostly-white wedding.  They are classic...but they always seem to be bit boring and the photos usually lack depth.  I call it the "copy-and-paste effect," where it's as if the wedding photos were copy and pasted from one of the millions of weddings that were nearly identical.  This happens when white is chosen out of safety and not as a design or style choice. 

If you are having a white wedding, here are my top tips to make it super fabulous! 

1.)  Use varying shades of white.....white, ivory, linen, champagnes, greys, or even a pale nude or blush.  These varying colors will still give the impression of all white, but will add depth and contrast and make for much better photography.   Using all the same shade of white will make your photos look very flat.  The nude paper lanterns and the ivory invitation envelopes in the mood board below are great examples of using varying shades of white.

2.)  Create interest and contrast by using texture.  Feathers, lace, ruffles, fur, embroidered fabrics, and textured flowers like peonies and rose petals can all help turn a flat white space into a space full of interest.  Texture will keep your eye moving over the space.  The layer of ivory rose petals covering the dinner tables, the fur seat cushions on transparent chairs, and the ruffled wedding cake in the mood board below add fun textural elements.

3.) If it's suitable to your design concept, add contrast with a neutral dark color.  Both tables settings in the mood board below give the impression of an all-white wedding, but if you look closely the dinner napkins in one are black and the charger plates of the other are champagne colored.  Another idea would be to add dark colored branches to your centerpiece too.

4.)  If you're really wanting an all-white wedding, go all the way with it (keeping in mind the first two tips of course).  Make it seem as if you chose to pay a designer a lot of money to come up with the unique all-white concept and not because it was a safe option.  Don't let any other colors sneak their way in.  No greenery in the floral arrangements, no silver or gold dinner chairs or furniture, and definitely no flooding the walls of your venue with colored lighting!  Flood lighting is the first thing that will make your wedding have a copy-and-paste effect, as it will immediately overpower any other design elements or colors in your wedding decor. Opt for white or ivory lighting, or go for a softer look with millions of candles or twinkle lights.   You can even cover the floors with white or neutral fabric if your venue has a busy or colorful carpet.  Go for white-on-white letterpressed wedding invitations too!

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