21 October 2012

Outfit of the Week | Tangerine & Red

The wedding market has been flooded with so many unique wedding invitation ideas in the past few years.  Even compared to three years ago when I started this invitation designing shindig, the variety and creativeness has increased tenfold.  People often wonder where the inspiration comes from for so many creative ideas.  One such place is the fashion industry.  More often than not wedding style, and therefore invitation styles, are mirrored in the current fashion trends...from colors to patterns to materials.  From now on I'll be posting an "Outfit of the Week" to hopefully inspire your next event and invitation.

Outfit of the week - Tangerine & Red

Oasis pleated dress / White blazer / Rupert Sanderson round toe heels / Ralph Lauren ankle strap heels / Chanel red bag / Coral necklace / Principles by Ben de Lisi enamel jewelry / Lip makeup / Essie nailpolish

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