18 October 2012

2013 New York Bridal Fashion Week

If there is one thing I love equal to or possibly even more than wedding invitations it is bridal gowns!  The 2013 New York International Bridal Week took place in New York (duh) from 13-15 October.  Imagine an entire exhibition center full of just dresses!  It's like eye candy and diamonds for the already engaged bride-to-be.  Since I'm already married (just celebrated 1 year!) all I can do is drool at my desk as I look at the tantalizing threads via the internet.  And since most of my gal pals are already married, I don't even get to go window shopping with an engaged girlfriend and live vicariously!   Anyway, I am so in love with the 2013 bridal styles, I just had to post a few of my favorites and make a 2013 Wedding Gown Pinterest Board.  If I were to do it again, here are the 2013 trends I would watch out for: 

1.) illusion necklines and backs with transparent textiles and lace, appliques, and beading that seem to float on your skin. We can thank Princess Kate Middleton for this trend!

 2.) sleeker silhouettes (gone are the fru-fru frilly poufy skirts covered in a million ruffles, feathers and fabric flowers -- Yes they are still around and "in fashion" and there are many beautiful examples, but I'm just saying they've been around a couple years now (fashions stay on trend for a cycle of 3 years, so it's near the end of this) and are not the top designer trend for 2013.

3.) Vintage Sexy.  The dresses this year are modest and sexy at the same time.  I don't know how else to describe it.  I don't believe that your girls need to be popping out of the top of your dress for all the world to see to be sexy!  In fact, it's a big turn-off and not at all "pretty" when I see that in someone's wedding photo.  With covered up décolletage, this year the sexiness is in the silhouettes, the soft draping (not necessarily glued to your body) or transparent fabrics, and the hint of skin on the necklines, arms, and open/illusion backs.  There's a bit of mystery, which we have all heard a hundred times that's what men find attractive in a life-long partner!  

It's very Art Deco/1920s if you think about it, when the flapper girls, who cut their hair, started showing some skin, and danced to fast-paced big band music, were considered very risqué!  I recently purchased the book Vintage Weddings by Marnie Fogg at the big book store in Dubai Mall (I can never remember the full name...Kino-something Book World!), which delved into the history of bridal fashions for the last 100 years, and I learned that the reason the dresses of the 1920's and especially the 30's were sleeker was because there was a ban on how many yards of fabric a dress could have in it due to the Great Depression.  I wonder what would have happened if that had happened the past couple years with the economic recession, which technically was even worse than the Great Depression.  Although now everyone seems to live on credit and spend what they don't actually have.......hmmm...ok, I'm getting sidetracked...that's a topic for another day...and another blog, for that matter! ;)

Here is a look at my top picks if I were to do it all over again next year!  Check out my 2013 Wedding Gowns pinterest board for my full selection.

Left: Claire Pettibone 2013, Right: Monique Lhuillier 2013

Left: Mark Zunino 2013, Right: Reem Acra 2013
Left: Marchesa 2013, Right: Elie Saab 2013



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