12 April 2012

5 Steps to a Couture Invitation

When I think of a couture wedding invitation, I dont necessarily think of the most flashy or the most expensive invitation, but I do think that couture represents customization and personalization!  Couture is more about the special process and personal experience you will have as the bride and that I will share with you as the designer.  It is about me getting to know you.  It is about designing something so amazingly unique that it takes people’s breath away.  It’s about creating a piece of art where each detail is a personal reflection of your personal style as well as an artistic interpretation of your wedding vision.  For example, if you love nature and are having a vintage spring garden themed wedding where you are using birdcages, lanterns, rustic birds’ nests, and softly colored flowers in your decor, perhaps a custom made natural linen fabric pouch that has had your custom flower pattern and a monogram hand-stamped onto the fabric would be a unique reflection of the event style.  Read below for Elizabeth Andrés' five steps to a couture invitation!


Consider the following five steps when planning a couture invitation for your wedding and you can be sure of making a great first impression!

1.       CONSULT AN EXPERT.  A stationery designer will be able to combine all your ideas and favorite design or fashion elements into one concept that looks good, reflects who you are, and carries out your wedding style or theme.  At Elizabeth Andrés we have one-on-one consultations with our brides (and grooms too!) to get to know you.  I usually ask that you bring some ideas to the consultation, such as photos, fabric swatches, and favorite colors for me to be inspired by. 

2.       THE RIGHT MATERIALS AND COLORS. Whether you are looking at papers, fabrics, ribbons, or lace be sure to choose something that is right for the wedding and the invitation.  It’s about setting the mood.   Texture and color can do this in the right combination.  Papers come in so many varieties and colors now…metallic, pearlescent, linen, cotton, and bamboo to name a few…, so it’s not always necessary to use textiles (i.e. silk, satin, etc.) to make an invitation stand out.  And as for textiles, the sky is the limit. If it’s out there, I can turn it into an invitation!  Consider lace, silk, satin, leather, linen, cotton, feathers, embroidered, brocades, batik prints, patterns, Indian saris, organic cotton…nothing is impossible.

3.       EMBELLISHMENTS.  With so many options out there, make sure the accessories and embellishments are right for your invitation. Consider Swarovski crystals, pearls, ribbons, brooches, buttons, antique keys, handmade Japanese or Indian papers, embroidery, dried flowers, and of course custom artwork and graphics to add a those special touches without adding weight to the invitation.

4.       PRINTING METHOD.  High-end printing is a must for a couture invitation.  Without it, it’s like wearing a Chanel dress and pairing it with shoes from Carrefour.  It’s just going to bring the whole outfit down, right?  In terms of printing, you can’t go wrong with the popular letterpress printing, which involves a plate that has been engraved with your invitation design and then inked and pressed deep into the paper to give it a blind embossed look, but crisper.  Other popular luxury printing methods include thermography, silver or gold foil stamping, and embossing for an extra wow-factor for your invitation.  Read more about printing options here.

5.       PRESENTATION & PACKAGING­.  For the ultimate couture invitation, there is nothing more magnificent than a box.  Whether you’re interested in a very luxurious silk or fabric covered box or a beautiful stationery invitation packaged inside a coordinating mailing box, the receiver will feel a rush of excitement as they open it and feel so special to receive a gift-like invitation from you.  While boxes definitely increase the luxury level of an invitation, it is not the only option.  Consider a custom designed folder or envelope to hold your stationery invitation, silk folder, or engraved Lucite glass invitation as well.

If you’re interested in a custom designed couture invitation for your wedding or next big event, please contact me at info@elizabethandres.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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