05 March 2012

High-end Printing Methods a Must for a Luxury Invitation!

The outside of a luxury invitation does make a great first impression, but I guarantee you the inside will leave a lasting impression! Much the same as people, no?  I met with a very nice lady recently who was visiting Dubai from another GCC country (not a client, but someone who asked me for some advice, which is always free!) who had ordered very expensive raw silk invitation boxes from another company.  Each box had two crystal brooches (the same one). She also had matching silk souvenir boxes made with a completely different pearl brooch.  She had asked the vendor who made the silk boxes to send her some blank white cards so she could simply print plain text wedding cards herself at home.  My first thought was to how much money she was spending ($12,000 USD!!) and second, to open up a beautiful expensive box covered in crystal only to find nothing special inside would leave me feeling dissapointed.  If she had been my client, I would have vetoed out one of the repetitive brooches and opted for a custom designed invitation card with letterpress printing on italian cotton paper to create a really awesome invitation, one that would give a great first impression when the guest first sees the exterior, but a lasting impression as well when they open it!
There are so many luxury printing methods available for wedding invitations:  Letterpress, Thermography, Silk Screening, Engraved, Foil Stamping, Embossing.  Royalty and leaders of prosperous countries always opt for engraved or letterpress invitations instead of faux crystal brooches if that tells you anything!  It's true that the very best of these printing methods are not available locally in the UAE yet, but I've spent the last year or so forming business partnerships and testing printers overseas to now be able to offer my clients these printing methods at an affordable price for their custom designed wedding invitations.  In the next couple weeks, I'll be posting about each of these methods in detail and what kind of invitation they are best suited for. Stay tuned!

Letterpress Printing Example

Thermography Printing Example

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